For Such A Time as This

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The kidmin world has been much engaged of late with the idea of and need for Family Ministry. As we know, according to Deuteronomy 6, the primary responsibility for spiritual training belongs in the home and with the parents. We want to see parents passing on the love of Jesus to their children and working together as a family to be in God’s Word and walk in his ways. We know that this is God’s mandate to parents, and we as children’s ministers are there to help and support them.

But what about the others? You know them. Some are “bus kids”, some are seen at sidewalk Sunday schools, some walk to church on their own, others are dropped off. They’re the ones whose parents are never or rarely seen. They’re the ones who live in turmoil caused by addiction in the family, or whose parents are simply absent from their parenting role, or who see other people or things (a boyfriend, a job) as more important than their kids’ spiritual lives. What about them?

In all the very important conversation about Family Ministry, we need to make sure that these kids, who don’t have family support, have our support. I actually heard someone say that we don’t really need Children’s Ministry anymore, just Family Ministry. The logic was that for thousands of years there was no such thing as Children’s Ministry, that God uses the family for that.

To a point, that is true. But I’d like to suggest that in this day of rampant drug and alcohol abuse, child neglect, child abuse and parental lack of involvement, that God may have literally raised up Children’s Ministry for such a time as this. I believe that He has placed us here at this moment in history to help show these kids that He loves them and has not forgotten them, and that they are part of His family.

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  1. I do not like the term “family ministry” because you cannot minister to a family. Jesus ministered to individuals and their personal need. I fear emphasis on the church reaching children is again being minimized. I can share so much more…. seems it’s time to write my series on “family ministry” that I had planned back in February…

    Great post… I agree wholeheartedly!

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