Every Little One

“We can connect kids to the Creator when they’re 8, we don’t have to rescue the when they’re 18”.  As children’s ministry leaders, this is something we all know, but often struggle to get others to do more than pay lip service to this truth.

Tuesday night’s main session at CMConnect Conference gave us all the encouragement to “rise up” and keep going in the power of the Holy Spirit to reach all His children.

Gregg Johnson spoke passionately about the importance of reaching pretend, those kids on the cusp of moving into a grownup world.

Pastor Alex shared with us some of the moving stories of the many thousands of orphaned children in the Ukraine.  He is trying to mobilize churches to simply pray for these children who have no one to care for them.

Heidi M. Hensley gave a great message, partly about preschoolers, but more than that, about the families of our children. She asked the question “are we just sending parents down the road, or are we walking with them?”  She described how in times past, there might be 5 generations living together, so if one thread snaps there’s still a net to hold the child.  She encouraged us to “rise up, connect and tighten that tapestry.”

I was struck by the fact that each of our speakers had a ministry that focused mostly on type of kids, but what I came away with was the understanding of the urgency to reach them all, every little one.

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